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-- Hi I am Goose. CanaMerikun, University!
--This blog is about;
fandoms, movies, books, video games, food, anything that please me eyes and tummy because food is beautiful and so are you.
Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, Hunger Games, Arrow, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Friends, hannibal, from dusk till dawn, and other shows that i will be starting in the summer.
Assassin's Creed(all of them duh), halo, battlefield 3, the last of us, far cry, bioshock, need for speed, GTA IV, xbox360 games.
oh and also MARVEL COMICS ; starring; iron man, deadpool, hulk, wolverine, spiderman, captain america, winter soldier, black widow, nick fury, thor and loki, agent coulson son of coul, and other comics superheroes that have been made into awesome movies or in the process of the making...
-- And alot of awesome actors and actresses because yeah.

© Levi.Ezio.Stiles.Arno.

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